Pergola & Fencing

Pergola & Fencing

We are among of the largest distributor of exterior Structures in the India. Our range of products includes a massive range of Arches, Arbours, Gazebos, Pergolas, Fencing, Louvers, Railings and much more. This products rangesis one of our best-selling and is extremely popular & in high demand with our customers. All of our assemblies are currently sourced from European suppliers and make superb additions to are existing Patios, Roof, Decking, Garden & exterior applications. Pergolas can do much more than bring all of your outdoor elements together, they bring families and friends together. They create an attractive focal point on your deck or grounds – a cozy space that begs to be lived in Great Quality mostly, our Exterior Products are made of Pressure Treated & Thermo-treated slowly grown, high quality timber. This unique method of Treating outdoor constructions provides very beautiful & attractive with amazingly durability. Easy Assembly All of our Thermo Treated Products are delivered swiftly and are easy to assemble. All come with a 15-year guarantee too! Building your dream outdoor space can now be a reality.

Our Outdoor Room Specialists can help you:

PLAN – Define your outdoor living space and come up with a plan and budget to suit your style
DESIGN – Create a unique room specific to your needs and help select products to work for your plan
INSTALL – Work with professional designers and contractors for a successful implementation


Features :

  • ready to use & Easy to install
  • Available in many size and shapes, can choose according to requirement.
  • Wood materials is treated wood, of wood of a natural resistance to decay.
  • Less thermal conductivity than hardwood.
  • wood have natural grains which make it asthetically beautyfull.
  • exterior wood used, which is weather, Fire & water resistant